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YE Ting
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Nanyang Technological University

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Business Address:Math. Building #412


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Ting Ye, professor, PhD supervisor. In 2012, he graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and then worked on PostDoc research at National University of Singapore. From 2014, he has been in School of Mathematics of Jilin Unviersity. His research interests focus on the numerical modeling of cell behaviors in complex microchannels. 

[1] 2008.8  to  2012.1
Nanyang Technological University | Engineering Mechanics | Doctorate | Ph. D.
[2] 2006.9  to  2008.7
Beijing Institute of Technology | Engineering Mechanics | Master | M. S.
[3] 2002.9  to  2006.7
NCWU | Information and Computational Science | Bachelor | B. Sc.

[1] 2018.10  to  Now
 Jilin University, Professor 
[2] 2014.10  to  2018.9
 Jilin University, Assoc. Prof. 
[3] 2012.1  to  2014.7
 National University of Singapore, PostDoc 

[1] Computational Mathematics
[2] Computational Biomathematics
[3] Computational Fluid Dynamics
[4] Smoothed Dissipative Particle Dynamics

[1] NIL

Research Group

Name of Research Group:Computational Biofluid Mathematics

Description of Research Group:Numerical modeling of behaviors of cells in simple/complex microchannels.