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宋若龙Song Ruolong

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毕业院校:College of Physics, Jilin University


Ruolong Song


Associate professor, College of Physics, Jilin University

Address: No. 2699 Qianjin Street, Changchun, 130012, China       

Mobile: 0086-13504328349

Email: songrl@jlu.edu.cn


Research interests

Ultrasonic Engineering and Application: Ultrasonic nondestructive test, Medical ultrasound imaging, Ultrasonic flowmeter, Acoustic Telemetry

Electroacoustic Engineering: Electroacoustics, Acoustic materials, Room acoustics.


Work experiences

Sep, 2011 till now, associate professor, College of Physics, Jilin University

Sep, 2016 -Feb, 2017, visiting scholar, Acoustic Research Center, Institute of Electronic Systems, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Jan, 2011, visiting scholar, Master’s program of electro-acoustics, College of Engineering, Feng-Chia University, Taiwan

Jul, 2008 - Aug, 2011, lectorate, College of Physics, Jilin University



Sep. 2003 - Jun. 2008, Doctor in Acoustics, College of Physics, Jilin University

Doctoral thesis: Parallel computation of acoustic field in non-axisymmetric cased holes & theory and method studies of acoustic cementing quality evaluation.

Sep. 1999 - Jun. 2003, Bachelor in Physics, College of Physics, Jilin University


Research experiences

2020.10-2020.12, project leader

Project name: Ultrasonic testing method and test for second-interface cementing quality

Project funds:475,000. Source of Funding: Beijing Logging Technology Development Company, China Petroleum Logging CO. LTD.

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of quantitative evaluation of cementing quality of second interfaces, a double-pulse method was proposed based on traditional pulse-echo logging technology. For the same measuring point, two echoes are measured with a wide band transducer and a narrow band transducer. Broadband transducer echo is used to invert casing inner diameter, thickness and acoustic impedance after casing. Using these parameters, SIE wave can be adaptively extracted from narrowband transducer echo to avoid the interference of casing resonance wave, so as to realize the quantitative evaluation of second-interface cementing quality.

2018.10-2019.10, main participant

Project name: Anti-interference high integrated parallel test of mobile audio.

Project funds:731,300. Source of Funding: Huawei.

Abstract: One of the procedures of mobile phone quality inspection is to test the speaker, handset and main and secondary microphones. The current practice is to place the mobile phone in the soundproof box and measure one phone at a time. As the production of mobile phones increases, the current detection method cannot meet the production demand. This project adopts an array test system, which uses multiple microphones, artificial ears and artificial mouths to solve each principal component from the coherent sound field, realizing the simultaneous detection of three mobile phones in a soundproof box and improving the detection efficiency by three times.

2015.06-2015.11, project leader

Project name: Ultrasonic leaky-lamb wave propagation theory and field fast interpretation method researches for cementing quality evaluation of light cement.

Project funds:906,000. Source of Funding: Logging Technology Institute, Great Wall Drilling Corporation.

Abstract: For light cement, especially for foamed and cenosphere cement, the ultrasonic leaky-lamb wave technology and pulse-echo technology are studied numerically and experimentally. A fast, robust and high-precision interpretation method of cement bond evaluation is proposed, and the new method is verified by experimental data.

2013.11-2015.06, project leader

Project name: Forward numerical simulation and inverse method study of asymmetric acoustic field.

Project funds:340,000. Source of Funding: Logging Company, Daqing Drilling and Exploration Engineering Company

Abstract: A 3D parallel finite difference code is developed to simulating non-axisymmetric wave field logging in channeled horizontal cased hole. The logging tool has one omnidirectional transmitter and eight sectoral receivers 2-ft far. 368 cases are simulated, including a variety of bond conditions and tool eccentricity caused by gravity. Based on these simulation results, new interpretation method for cement bond evaluation of horizontal hole is developed. The software can give improved bond images for horizontal hole and is used by Daqing oilfield in China.

2012.12-2013.12, subproject leader

Project name: Numerical study of logging instrument design and interpretation method of well condition.

Project funds:890,000. Source of Funding: Daqing Logging & Testing Services Company, Daqing Oilfield Company Ltd..

Abstract: 2D and 3D parallel finite difference codes are developed to simulating ultrasonic leaky-lamb wave in a cased hole. The parameters of logging instrument, such as central frequency, tilt angle, and separation distance of transmitters are investigated. An interpretation method of well condition (casing damage, solid/liquid/gas behind casing, borehole radius) is proposed.

2012.11-2013.02, project leader

Project name: Design of waveguide of external ultrasonic flowmeter.

Project funds:90,000. Source of Funding: Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Abstract: By analyzing the temperature field and acoustic field, the waveguide of a commercial ultrasonic flowmeter is redesigned, so the flowmeter can be used to test the flow rate of fused salt with 700 degrees Celsius while flowing inside a pipe.

2010.01-2012.12project leader

Project name: Study of asymmetric acoustic field simulation and cementing quality evaluation method for horizontal cased hole (NSFC40904027).

Project funds:200,000. Source of Funding: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Abstract: Based on MPI parallel computation technology, using stress-velocity finite difference method, we have developed a program for simulating 3D wave propagation of Sector Bond Tool (SBT) logging in horizontal cased holes. Using the developed modeling program, we have simulated the SBT logging output in cased hole with various bond conditions, and further developed a new approach to image potential channels. The new approach showed significant improvement on both synthetic and field data than the conventional method. We have also simulated the CBL-VDL and SBT eccentric logging, and further developed an inversion method of tool eccentricity.

2011.01-2011.08, main participant

Project name: Numerical simulation and evaluation method of calibration well of cement bond.

Project funds:270,000. Source of Funding: Logging Company, Daqing Drilling and Exploration Engineering Company



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[1]      Ruolong Song, Dongbing Liu. Acoustic oblique incidence impedance tube for measuring sound absorption coefficient and transmission loss, Utility model patent, ZL 2017 2 1872268.X, 2018.07.20 (宋若龙,刘冬冰,声波斜入射材料吸声系数与隔声量测量装置,实用新型专利,专利号:ZL 2017 2 1872268.X, 授权日:2018.07.20)

[2]      Ruolong Song, Haosen Zhang. Measuring device and method for BL parameter of loudspeaker based on ultrasonic interference, National invention patent, ZL 2016 1 0317902.7, 2018. (宋若龙,张浩森,基于超声波干涉的扬声器BL值的测量装置及其测量方法,发明专利,专利号:ZL 2016 1 0317902.7, 授权日: 2018.07.17



Teaching experiences

[1]      2013.03 tile now, Classical Dynamics, undergraduates of College of Physics, annually.

[2]      2011.09 tile now, Theoretical Acoustics, graduate students of acoustics, annually.

[3]      2012.09 tile now, Signals and Systems, graduate students of acoustics, annually.




Sports: table tennis, snowboarding, skating, bicycling, hiking, swimming, wood work.

Music: Xiao, Shakuhachi, Erhu, and Guqin; HIFI audio.


[1] 2003.9-2005.6
吉林大学 | 声学


[1]  吉林大学物理学院