Huang Wei Min

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教授   Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates  

Personal Profile

Professor Weimin Huang,PhD supervisor,Visiting Scholar of  EU Marie Curie Fellowship, JSPS overseas special researcher,guest professor of university of Warwickspecial scientist of national research program "Biomedical Materials",is now a professor in the school of chemistry and adjunt professor in the school of physics at Jilin University.Prof. Huang was doing scientific research in Tohoku University and Warwick University since he graduated from the department of chemical engineering of Tsinghua University .For many years he has been engaged in the fields of biology, medicine, environment, energy using the electrochemical methods.He presided projects and researches of 13th Five-Year Plan of the People's Republic of China ministry of science and technology,the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other international corporation programs.He published more than 50 international journal papers as well as more than 10 national authorized invention patents.

Education Background

1999.9 2004.12

  • 中国科学院系统的研究所
  • 分析化学

Work Experience

  • 英国华威大学

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  • 中国3D打印增材制造医学与工业制造协会副秘书长

  • 全国电化学制造技术协会组委会副主任

  • 全国有机电化学与工业行业联合会理事会理事

Research Focus

  • 电化学,工业水处理,电池,电极材料,柔性超级传感器和电容器,电合成,化学工程与工艺,电镀